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Johnny Van Zant - Discografia.

Johnny Van Zant (27 de fevereiro de 1959, em Jacksonville, Flórida) é um cantor norte-americano de Southern Rock. Ele é o irmão mais novo do falecido fundador e vocalista do Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant. Johnny passou a ser o vocalista do Lynyrd Skynyrd desde a sua reformulação em 1987.

Johnny cantava durante a década de 70 com a sua primeira banda, The Austin Nickels Band. Mais tarde a banda passou a se chamar The Johnny Van Zant Band, lançando seu álbum de estreia, No More Dirty Deals, em 1980. Os membros originais da banda Johnny Van Zant Band eram Johnny Van Zant nos vocais, Robbie Gaye na guitarra, Danny Clausman no baixo, Eric Lundgren na guitarra, Robbie Morris na bateria e Joan Hecht (Joan Cusumano anteriormente) e Nancy Henderson nos backing vocals. Johnny Van Zant lançou mais três álbuns solo entre 1981 e 1985. 

Tornou-se o vocalista do então reformulado Lynyrd Skynyrd em 1987, e até hoje continua gravando e realizando shows com a banda. Johnny lançou outro álbum solo, Brickyard Road, em 1990. Ele também grava e canta com seu outro irmão Donnie Van Zant na banda Van Zant, desde 1998. 

Em maio de 2006, menos de um dia antes de cantar na KSAN-FM 107,7 com as bandas The Bone's Bone Bash 7 e Van Zant, Johnny passou por uma cirurgia de emergência para que pudesse ter o seu apêndice removido. Tratado no Centro Médico da Universidade Stanford, em Palo Alto, Califórnia, depois de reclamar de fortes dores no início do dia. O incidente obrigou a banda a cancelar três shows. Texto: Wikipédia.

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No More Dirty Deals (1980)
01. No More Dirty Deals
02. Coming Home
03. 634-5789 (Soulsville, Usa)
04. Put My Trust In You
05. Only The Strong Survive
06. Hard Lucky Story
07. Stand Your Ground
08. Never Too Late
09. Keep On Rollin'
10. Standing In The Darkness

Round Two (1981)
01. (Who's) Right or Wrong
02. Standing in the Falling Rain
03. Yesterday's Gone
04. Let There Be Music
05. Keep Our Love Alive
06. Night Time Lady
07. Drive My Car
08. Shotdown
09. Cold Hearted Woman
10. Play My Music

The Last Of The Wild Ones (1982)
01. Good Girls Turning Bad
02. It's You
03. Last Of The Wild Ones
04. Still Hold On
05. Can't Live Without Your Love
06. Danger Zone
07. Together Forever
08. Inside Looking Out
09. The One And Only

Brickyard Road (1990)
01. Hearts Are Gonna Roll
02. Brickyard Road
03. Bad 4 U
04. Love Is Not Enough
05. Three Wishes
06. Party In The Parking Lot
07. Young Girls
08. Love Can Be So Cruel
09. Take Every Beat Of My Heart
10. Just A Little Bit Of Love

King Biscuit Flower Hour (Live 1997)
01. Two Plus Two
02. Midnight Sensation
03. No More Dirty Deals
04. You Gotta Believe
05. It's You
06. Heart To The Flame
07. Rock Survivors
08. She's Out With A Gun
09. In Your Eyes
10. Standing In The Darkness
11. I'm A Fighter

Van Zant.

Van Zant (1985)
01. Midnight Sensation
02. She's Out With a Gun
03. I'm a Fighter
04. You've Got to Believe in Love
05. Two Strangers
06. 2 + 2
07. Heart to the Flame
08. Does a Fool Ever Learn
09. Right on Time
10. Lonely Girls

Brother To Brother (1998)
01. Rage
02. Can't Say It Loud Enough
03. Show Me
04. I'm a Want You Kinda Man
05. Right Side Up
06. Brother to Brother
07. Livin' a Lie
08. That Was Yesterday
09. Downright and Dangerous
10. Black Bottom Road
11. Friend

Van Zant II (2001)
01. Oklahoma
02. Get What You Got Comin
03. Heart of an Angel
04. Is It for Real
05. Imagination
06. At Least I'm Free
07. Baby Get Blue
08. What's the World Coming To
09. Wildside
10. Alive

Get Right With The Man (2005)
01. Takin' Up Space
02. Nobody Gonna Tell Me What to Do
03. Sweet Mama
04. Help Somebody
05. Things I Miss the Most
06. I Know My History
07. I Can't Help Myself
08. I'm Doin' Alright
09. Lovin' You
10. Plain Jane
11. Been There Done That

My Kind Of Country (2007)
01. Train
02. These Colors Don't Run
03. Goes Down Easy
04. That Scares Me
05. My Kind of Country
06. Hardest Thing
07. It's Only Money
08. We Can't Do It Alone
09. Friend
10. It's All About You
11. Headed South

Red White & Blue (Live 2016)
01. Takin' Up Space
02. Ain't Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do
03. Sweet Mama
04. Wild Eyed Southern Boys
05. Things I Miss The Most
06. I Know My History
07. Help Somebody
08. Plain Jane
09. I Can't Help Myself
10. I'm Doin' Alright
11. Red White & Blue
12. My Kinda Country
13. Call Me The Breeze
14. Sweet Home Alabama

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